Wondershare dr Fone, data recovery from iphone is possible today


This happened to all of us at least once. delete some files (photo, video, audio files) or sms from our mobile phone or smartphone without having there is no chance to restore them. However, today (for those who own the iPhone) there is software that can analyze the device’s memory and recover any deleted files.

In fact, as it happens on a PC, even on a phone, a deleted file does not mean that unrecoverable but thanks to special software you can recover a deleted file completely or at least partially.

What’s this Dr. Von – Data Recovery goals: software analyze every cell the phone’s memory detects photos, music and deleted documents and allows you to restore and save them on your computer.

For proper recovery in direct mode, you must perform the following steps:

  • Install and run the program Dr.Phone

  • Connect iPhone to PC (via USB cable or via WiFi)

  • Start scanning and restoring selected data

Program very easy to use and has a very intuitive graphics, which allows you to get the desired result in a few clicks.

In addition to photos and music can get a lot of information with iphone:

  • Forgot password
  • Jailbreak or modified rom
  • Backups are not synced correctly

Other positive note this program is compatibility with many Apple devices: from the old Iphone 4 to the new Iphone 11, including the iPad Air 2 and Iphone Touch.

Here you will find a link to download the program from official site

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