Work from home: how many companies are ready to go to a remote site


Should we expect a massive change in remote mode

How many companies are ready to go to udalenka after quarantine. Photo: Burst.

More than half of the Ukrainian and international representatives from different business sectors considered the possibility of a complete or partial transition to a remote working format, while 35% would like to reduce the size of their office space. Has been reported Interfax With reference to the survey results of the consulting company CBRE Ukraine.

According to the survey, 51.1% of companies are considering the possibility of changing the work format to remote after quarantine, with 47.9% not prepared for it and not planning. It is noted that legal, financial, analytical, marketing, HR departments are more prone to remote work on an ongoing basis.

According to CBRE experts, mass transfer of companies in a remote mode is not expected.

CBRE representative

Given the possibility of partial transition to a remote mode of operation, 35.4% of respondents wanted to reduce office space by 15–20%, 25% do not plan to reduce the area, and 6.3% plan to reduce the area by more than 50%. Due to staff shortage and rent savings, who want to reduce.

CBRE representative

Despite the increasing trend of peers, 81.3% of respondents did not plan rehabilitation after quarantine. However, 16.7% of respondents still considered peers due to flexible conditions and short-term leases. At the same time, CBRE stated that co-workers would need to change the format in the direction of service offices. The company also predicts a reduction in rental costs, but without a drop in prices.

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Earlier we wrote that quarantine proves the effectiveness of remote work. So, representatives of the Okta company said they planned to expand the office, but quarantine showed: Employees do a fantastic job at home. Which means that there is no need for expansion yet.

Work efficiency from home will not destroy offices, but will make them more flexible and comfortable. Indeed, the campus will no longer be designed for all employees immediately. Experts believe that once the quarantine ends, companies around the world will start reviewing their approach to office real estate. For management, it is saving a lot of money, for employees – daily rest and time savings.

To counter the feeling of loneliness in a remote task, the American startup Hallway launched a service that recreates restroom impressions and casual conversations in the hallway, designed for users of Slack’s corporate messenger Is in a new application. The program allows companies to schedule 10-minute video chats on Slack channels, where members can communicate informally.

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