World Bank will allocate money for Ukrainian medicine


World Bank will finance Ukrainian drug fight with coronovirus infection

Record amount: World Bank will allocate funds for Ukrainian medicine

The government is devising solutions that will attract $ 35 million to support the medical industry in the country. The World Bank is set to provide the Ukrainian state with the necessary finance in a joint project with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In total, the project amount will be $ 135 million. This was announced as a result of a meeting with representatives of international organizations by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shimgal.

“I informed representatives of international organizations about additional measures that the Cabinet of Ministers introduced to protect the health of Ukrainians. While developing them, the government took into account the restrictions that other countries introduced And these measures have yielded, ”said Shimgal.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Ukraine welcomed the introduction of a separate United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan for the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine, according to which the UN plans to prevent and combat the pandemic by the end of this year, $ 165 Has to allocate million.

These funds will go to address the immediate needs and socio-economic consequences of the state health system.

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Recall that the Ministry of Economy promised state support for employers and small and medium-sized businesses that had to give up partially or completely due to quarantine. Thus, it is possible to obtain partial unemployment benefits.

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