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The world celebrates Donor Day

The world celebrates Donor Day

06/14.2020 09:17


World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14. The decision to create it was taken in May 2005 at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

This day is a special manifestation of gratitude to the millions of people who save lives and maintain the health of others by donating their blood. In fact, the word donor itself comes from the Latin dono – I give. In addition, on this day, special attention is paid to the need for regular blood donation to avoid its shortage in hospitals and clinics, especially in countries where the amount of donated blood is extremely limited.

In Ukraine, this question is very acute, because finding the blood of a rare group was and is quite problematic (the time spent searching sometimes costs a sick life). Today, in conditions of military conflict, fairly frequent emergencies and quarantine linked to the coronavirus pandemic, demand is much higher than supply.

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The theme of this World Donor Day campaign is “Blood safety saves lives”. Indeed, according to the WHO, donating blood is an act of solidarity, it saves lives, and the supply of safe blood and its products is an essential element of all health systems.

This year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO is launching a global campaign in a virtual format.

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