World leaders’ most unexpected reactions to an epidemic


Some of them actually do great work, while others act funny or ugly

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Given that we are all in a state of unprecedented global crisis, it is logical to expect world leaders, as they were at the forefront of the conflict, right? Well, some of them act really great, while others behave funny or outright disgusting. The rest all exhibit a mixed reaction that consists of both one and one and third. In general, we are all about the same.

  1. Queen Aziz Amin Maimuna of Malaysia prepares food for Iskandaria hospitals

Until the royal palace went into isolation, he personally cooked food for medical personnel and posted encouraging posts on his Instagram. One of the signatures reads: “This is the least I can do for civil servants who risk their lives … I send them my grateful bow.”

  1. Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obredor interrupted his quarantine to meet El Chapo’s mother

His government urges people not to leave their homes, but the president himself still moved to the small town of Badirgato, where he met with the 92-year-old mother of the famous drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman (“Shorties”). One of the journalists wrote, “It is very difficult to understand what has inspired the work of the President today.”

  1. Scotland’s Chief Sanitation Officer twice violated his quarantine

On the second day it was known that the Chief Medical Officer of Scotland, Dr. Catherine Calderwood resigned after being charged with quarantine violations. According to media reports, in violation of his own order, he made two trips out of town to his second home. Dr. Calderwood was the face of an ideal nationwide campaign aimed at “staying home” and a daily briefing with Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, which, it should be said, tried to advocate his ally. However, the story caused so much noise in the press that Calderwood was forced to write a letter of resignation.

  1. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega “Missing”

For forty days nothing was known of his whereabouts, because Ortega not only appeared in public during this time, but did not make a single statement. However, on 15 April, he finally appeared on national television and declared the epidemic a “sign of the Lord”, warning mankind against imperialism.

  1. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko urges people to fight coronovirus with vodka

In addition, he said that the people of Belarus should be engaged in agricultural work. “The tractor will fix all. This area will fix all, ”Lukashenko said in an interview with Belarusian Television.

  1. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman uses the epidemic as an excuse to expand his powers

While the Western press is completely plagued by the epidemic, bin Salman has arrested two opponents of plotting his power to senior members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family on charges of conspiracy. However, no evidence of the existence of this intrigue was presented.

  1. The King of Thailand Maha Vashiralongkorn lives in the usual setting of seminars in a luxury hotel in Germany

In fact, the hotels in the region are closed, but the four-star Bavarian Hotel Grand Hotel Sonenbichl received special permission to keep the royal suite, as neither of them left the hotel and the king did not get guests. However, it was eventually revealed that this was not one hundred percent true, and the emperor decided to return to Bangkok to attend the Chakri festival.

  1. Ecuador’s ruling elite halved their salaries

When the coronavirus outbreak occurred in the country, President Lenin Moreno, vice-president, cabinet minister and MP and the provincial governor of Ecuador, considered it necessary to give half of his official income to fight the disease

  1. Irish Prime Minister personally fights Coronovirus

A doctor by profession, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has asserted his authority on medical practice after the outbreak of Kovid-19 and will now be a physician a day to assist the National Health Service.

  1. New Zealand Prime Minister used his presence on national television to appease frightened children

During the press conference, Yasinda Ardern asked the children to report that the country’s authorities allowed the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy to work during quarantine, officially recognizing them as “specially needed” workers was. The fact is that many children were concerned that they would not receive their traditional gifts and chocolates due to quarantine.

  1. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte demanded that fellow citizens strictly implement secession measures on the pain of death.

Duterte said he has ordered the police and military to shoot at people who “have caused unrest” under quarantine. However, some government officials later rejected the statement, explaining that the president had exaggerated to increase influence.

  1. To study ways to deal with Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner Kovid-19 decided to resort to help Facebook

He has given Dr. Kurt Claus (father of his brother’s wife) is asked to consult members of a group on a social network that brings together his colleagues, resurgent doctors and intensive care specialists and tells them how they fight the epidemic Have been. “If you were directly involved in providing federal measures to deal with the epidemic, I would like to get your recommendations. Of course, we only need serious answers, ”Kurt wrote to his colleagues.


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