World’s Strangest City Part 2


People are interested in all kinds of legends. Some of them are based on real events, others are pure fantasy, and in some cases, the boundary between reality and imagination may be unclear or unclear.

Translation for Mixstuff – Svetlana Bodrick

Victims of sydney bridge

One of Sydney’s urban legends is connected to the Harbor Bridge.

The construction of the bridge, which was opened in 1932, cost human life. According to official figures, 16 people died after falling on the bridge, there were accidents in the construction of the bridge and one unfortunate died of tetanus after injuring his thumb on the bridge.

He says this is not a complete list of fatal accidents. According to rumors, many workers fell inside the structure during the construction of the bridge, their bodies are still there, as they were difficult and expensive to remove.


In November 2019, Gino Mekis hunted a wood slug in the jungles of northwestern Ontario. Suddenly he heard a strange sound. Even as an experienced hunter, Gino could not determine what kind of animal makes such terrible screams. Gino recorded creepy sounds on his cell phone.

Some believe that these cows belong to crocodile bears, although this animal has never been seen in those places. Others believe it may be Vandigo.

According to legend, Vendigo is a mythical monster 4 meters tall with a stinky, rotting, slender body. His lips are stained with the blood of the victims, and he suffers from a constant thirst for human flesh, which he cannot satisfy.

This demonic creature has entered the modern medical language. A rare mental disorder called Vendigo syndrome is characterized by an impulsive desire to taste human flesh.

Rock star parrot

This urban legend touches thousands of parrots living in London’s parks.

They are certainly real creatures, but they are certainly not indigenous to Britain, and no one knows where they came from.

Many believe the parrot appeared in London thanks to Jimi Hendrix, a brilliant virtuoso guitarist, singer and composer. He is said to have released two birds, Adam and Eve, in London in 1968, and that many parrots who currently live here are descendants of this first pair.

This version has also been verified by scientists at Queen Mary University. He concluded that such a large number of parrots could not have come from a single grandparents’ pair, although Hendrix’s birds could certainly have made a notable contribution to population growth.

Aka manto


The Youkai or Aaka Manto is a group of mythological creatures from Japanese folklore. They differ in appearance and temperament, some are friendly, others are cruel, and others have an unusual addiction to women’s toilets. A constant feature of Aka Manto is a mask and a red cloak. It is said that this supernatural creature appears in public toilets from time to time, offering users a choice of red or blue toilet paper. Whatever color you choose, the end is death. It will not be possible to betray Manto by asking him for a different color paper, he takes such tricks to the underworld with him, and their life trail is lost.

Fortunately, there is a way. By politely rejecting Manto’s offer, you will force him to go in search of another possible victim.

The legend of Manto can be traced back to at least the 1930s, and they are said to still appear in public toilets.

NASA pen

Everyone knows that the US and the Soviet Union tried to capture and beat each other in space exploration. Such rivalry involved overcoming a large amount of difficulties.

Even the simplest things in space were problematic. For example, ordinary pens were not written under zero gravity.

The city has a legend that the US and Soviet Union have different approaches to solve the problem. Americans did not place stents. NASA started a long research project and spent a million dollars to create a pen that was able to write in zero gravity. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union adopted a cheaper, but much simpler approach and used pencils instead.

The reality is that the American space program, like the Soviet one, was initially switched to the use of pencils. When a pen that could be used in space was developed, it was independently designed by the US government or Paul C. Was designed by a military inventor named Fisher.

NASA approved the Fisher Pen for use in space and purchased a total of 400 pieces at a nominal price of $ 2.95 per piece. He was also bought by the Soviet Space Agency.



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