Worsening in Donbas: Gryzlov said what Ukraine should do to cancel the high alert in “L / DPR”



The representative of the Russian Federation in the TKG Boris Gryzlov said that in order for the illegal armed groups of the so-called “L / DPR” to cancel the increased combat readiness of their units, Ukraine must “take action to de-escalate. “

Boris Gryzlov
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

Boris Gryzlov, the permanent representative of the Russian Federation at the Minsk talks to resolve the conflict in the Donbass, defended the so-called “L / DPR”. According to him, Ukraine should be the first to take measures to defuse the conflict in Donbas, and only then will the illegal armed groups decide to abolish the increased combat capacity of their units.

According to him, the illegal armed groups are already waiting for these steps from Ukraine.

“Measures must be taken to defuse, and Donbass insists on discussing and implementing additional measures,” said Gryzlov.

According to Gryzlov, Donetsk and Lugansk will not reverse their decision if Ukraine does not comply with this requirement.

As you know, last week the “leaders” of the so-called “L / DPR” began to threaten Ukraine with an escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. They accused the APU of “bombing” and “provocation” and declared themselves ready to give a decisive response. Pasechnik and Pushilin said that the IAF units were on alert. And according to the “Eastern Organization for Human Rights”, at ORDLO, the mobilization of a reservist has started. In addition, even mining companies have started to form L / DPR.

After a series of threats, activists have intensified attacks on the positions of the armed forces.

We previously reported that the Kremlin plans to create new “republics” in Ukraine in 2020.



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