WWDC 2020: Key Announcements of Apple’s Presentation


American tech giant holds its annual online conference for the first time

WWDC 2020: Key Announcements of Apple’s Presentation. Photo: thenextweb.com

On June 22, Apple held its annual WWDC Developer Event on-line for the first time. Key announcements include the new iOS 14 operating system.

A beta version of the OS is already available to developers, public testing will begin in July, with an OS release scheduled for this fall. iOS 14 smartphones can be installed on iPhone 6s and newer, as well as iPod Touch 7th generation players.

What’s improved in the interface:

Added a new way to group applications on the Application Library desktop. It automatically combines both individually related, and folders with applications. Thus, the company plans to solve the problem of a bunch of icons on a desktop.

Ability to change application widgets. Now their sizes are manually adjusted – for example, you can create application panels with weather forecasts, and reduced hours.

Widget Management. Photo: 9to5mac.com

App Clips – Simplified versions of applications weighing up to 10 megabytes. Mini-versions of programs will provide quick access to the most essential tasks. App clips can be activated using NFC, a QR code or message or a link in Safari.

Application “translation” For translation of voice and text messages with support of 11 languages. This service works without an internet connection.

Application “translation”. Photo: 9to5mac.com

New version of messages. You can now pin conversations to the top of the message list, follow group conversations with individual mentions and response chains, and set pictures and emojis as group photos for conversations. Back in iOS14, new memos appeared.

Leaves. The map has new routes for bicycles and electric vehicles, as well as author guides. When laying cycle routes, you can now take into account the difference of elevation, busy roads and the presence of steps on the route. For routes on an electric vehicle, a variety of charging stations are now displayed taking into account the current level of charge.

Picture-in-picture mode. Phone calls, FaceTime and Skype calls no longer cover the entire screen, but appear as a compact element at the top of the screen. The implementation was also improved for use with other application talk time.

Picture-in-picture mode. Photo: 9to5mac.com

From other innovations:

Siri Voice Assistant Learned to answer complex questions and send audio messages.
Privacy. All applications now request user permission before enabling tracking.

Better interaction with the Apple Pencil stylus. Now the user can work on the tablet with handwritten text in the same way as with printed text: changing its color, highlighting, copying, and turning handwritten text into printed text and so on.

Added sleep control function to Apple Watch. The watch will also be able to fully control hand washing by the user. In addition, owners of smart watches will be able to share their own dials and find ready-made design options.

Changed macOS interface: Windows, Dock’s appearance, basic application icons have become similar to iOS. The Safari browser has also been enhanced. In particular, it has now become easier to customize the screen, including setting up your screensaver.

New macOS interface. Photo: ixbt.com

Software Solutions for Cars. In the presentation, BMW was shown, which will appear next year and support for digital key technology. The machine can be opened and closed using the iPhone or Apple Watch. You can also grant this right to someone else by setting the access level.

Smart home software Will be able to recognize the face of a person who contacts the front door, automatically adapt lighting based on the time of day, use limited space to inspect cameras, and more.

Apple is transferring its computers and laptops to its own processor. Prior to this, Intel processors have been used for many years.

Also, on June 21, the network appeared mockups of future Apple smartphones – iPhone 12. The photo was published by insider Sunny Dixon, reports UNIAN.

The photo shows the layout, not the working smartphone. They are commonly used by manufacturers and sellers of covers and other accessories.

The images confirm earlier rumors that the iPhone 12 will get an “angular” body and will be similar to the iPhone 4. The side frames of the smartphone are flat like the latest generation iPad Pro tablets.

The front and rear panels are flat, without the detachment of the side frame. The photo shows three models of smartphones – with 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7-inch screens. Everyone has a triple camera, however, according to rumors, the older version may get an iPad sensor, as in the iPad.

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Earlier it was reported that the European Commission had opened a no-confidence investigation against Apple due to possible violations of EU standards in the operation of Apple Pay and the App Store.

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