X-day for Putin: former intelligence officer spoke of significant signs of the imminent withdrawal of the current President of the Russian Federation from power



Former Soviet intelligence officer and student colleague of the Russian president at the KGB Institute, Yuri Shvets, spoke of the existence of certain “signs of intelligence” which testify to Putin’s imminent withdrawal from power.

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X Day is fast approaching for Putin.
Important signs of Putin’s imminent withdrawal from power. Photo:

According to Shvets, one of the main signs is the withdrawal of significant financial resources from Russia. He explained that, as a rule, they begin to do so two or three months before the decisive events.

Recently, according to the intelligence officer, at least two of these cases have been known.

In January-February this year, Russia dramatically increased its investment in U.S. government securities, which it was supposed to get rid of with fanfare in 2018 for allegedly “strategic” reasons.

During this same period, according to the intelligence officer, the export of gold from the Russian Federation has taken off seven times, and it is already sent in baggage on scheduled flights. It is known that on March 26 from Moscow to London, gold bars were imported into forty containers weighing more than one tonne and worth more than 2 billion rubles.

“That is to say, it is almost an axiom: before each major change to the Kremlin, there is a secret export of gold and currency reserves from the Russian Federation”, – said Shvets.

In addition, there are other signs which indicate the approach of “tectonic” changes in the Kremlin, explains the ex-intelligence officer.

These signs include the “unexpected” disclosure of Russian special service agents in the West, frequent flights of private planes from the Russian Federation, at a time when worldwide air traffic was effectively suspended due to ‘a coronavirus.

As well as notable changes in the statements and behavior of representatives of senior management of the Russian Federation, indicating a new alignment of forces in the Kremlin.

“In general, I have the impression that Putin is hiding in a bunker surrounded by the most loyal guards, not so much the coronavirus, but nervous agents like Novichka in all its diversity”, – concluded the Shvets.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin had proposed how Russia would celebrate May 9 Victory Day.

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