Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with NFC support officially lands in Europe!


Expectation Xiaomi Mi Band 5 it is already growing rapidly: a new generation of the world’s most popular smartphone will be officially announced on June 11, and, as we saw in this article, there are really many new features.

Today, however, an unexpected tail strike comes. Mi Band 4: as you well know, the NFC version has always been “exclusive” for the Chinese market, but the national, in fact, continental borders have been crossed. There Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with NFC support in fact, it is officially available for sale in Russia.

Obviously, the increased price stands out (at the current exchange rate, we are at 50 euro), although it should be noted that only the scheme is available Mastercard for automatic payments (however, Visa, Google Pay and PayPal should be added in the future). This does not change anything from an aesthetic point of view, while Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with NFC support, it has a little more weight (from 22.1 to 22.2 grams) and a battery with a capacity of 125 mAh versus 135 mAh of the “standard” model. The rest of the equipment is exactly identical, just as the available functions do not change.

Let’s see if the news will also be available in other European countries: in this case NFC support may be (at least at first) disabled for the upcoming Mi Band 5.


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