Xiaomi Mi Band 4C officially, but this is only rebranding


Introduced in early April, the Redmi group (as some leaks were announced in the coming weeks) may arrive in Europe under a different name. And, as expected, it will be Xiaomi Mi Band 4C: the new smartphone has actually become official Malaysia and everything says that he will also arrive soon on the Old Continent, which knows whether it will be simultaneously with Mi Band 5 (already sold in China).

Consequently, there is no difference between Xiaomi Mi Band 4C and Redmi Band: remains 1.08 ″ Rectangular LCDas well as all other technical and equipment specifications that we talked about a few months ago. There is, for example, water resistance up to 50 meters immersion and one 130 mAh battery which, in addition to a guarantee of about two weeks of battery life, can be charged via the built-in USB directly on the case.

The user has several options available, as well as tracked sports (cycling, running, treadmills …). There is no NFC chip, on the other hand, built-in detection heartbeatto control sleep and manage notifications also from third-party applications. Version Bluetooth 5.0while the display can also control playing music to a connected smartphone, as well as answering incoming calls.

Just like the Redmi Band, also Xiaomi Mi Band 4C this comes at a very low price: given the current exchange rate, in Malaysia it was launched at around 16 euro,


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