Xiaomi Mi Band 5, new images leaked three days after launch


Expectation Xiaomi Mi Band 5A new generation of the world’s most popular smart band is expected on June 11, and rumors circulating only increase the hype in every way. Today, 72 hours after launch, new leaked images appear that confirm some of the details that have already been talked about in recent days.

The first image you’ll find above is for the official teaser: no significant clues about what the features or technical data will be Xiaomi Mi Band 5, on the other hand, the manufacturer already foresaw that there would be at least 4 colors of straps already available at launch: military green, yellow, black and orange.

Therefore, there is already a wide choice for users who decide to focus on this smart group, which, as in the previous model, can count on a color display. Which, however, in this case will be much wider: it will go from the current 0.95 ″ to 1.2 inches.

In the second image in the middle of the article you will find the packaging Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Here, of course, an important detail: in the lower right corner a reference is made to NFC support, still excluding units in circulation in the Chinese market. Everyone is waiting for confirmation on Alex, checking blood oxygen saturation and much more …


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