Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will change its name to Europe (coming soon)


Yesterday, with a big accent, we told you about Xiaomi Mi Band 5: A new generation of the popular smartphone has become official for the Chinese market, which also confirms most of the rumors circulating in recent days (click here for a product description).

Not that there were doubts about the arrival of the international version of the smartphone, but Twitter from the manufacturer was still needed to make the news official. However, there are two details that stand out in a few words of the company.

The first concerns the launch dates: the launch of the global version is expected within a month July (we will see if there is any indication of the exact date in the next few days). The second, much more surprising, concerns the change of denomination: in Europe it will be called Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5, It is difficult to imagine the reasons leading to such a choice, and also taking into account the success of previous generations on the Old Continent (and beyond).

However, it will be much more interesting to understand whether this change of name will also mean some differences (or failure) at the technical or functional level. There is hope that rumors about the arrival of support NFC Payments even in the global version they are accurate. But the change of denomination actually eliminated certainty in this regard.


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