Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will receive a new charging system


Let’s get back to talking about Xiaomi Mi Band 5the next generation of the world’s most famous smartphone, which will be presented the day after tomorrow, on Thursday, June 11. If the first appeared yesterday bully Officers who showed some of the colors of the belts available at the start, today the company is showing off new material that offers another, highly sought-after novelty.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 it will have new charging systemIt is characterized by a kind of magnetic pin: in short, say goodbye to “inconvenient” charging via USB, which, however, each time is associated with “disconnecting” the dial from the strap.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

In short, day after day, news gathers and does nothing but increase the hype for one smartband which, like previous models, should have an incomparable value for money: we are talking about 175 yuan, which at the current exchange rate they make about 20 euros.

A trifle, if you think about the functions worth bragging about Xiaomi Mi Band 5: talked about new sensors for monitoring health (oxygen saturation and menstrual cycle control), support Nfc also about the “global” version, about the possibility of activating Amazon Alexa and new sporting events are supported. And all this, not forgetting about a significant increase in the size of the display, which should reach 1.2 ″ (on Mi Band 4 it is 0.95 ″).


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