XX Payment and XIII Security EMA Conference to be held in Kiev


XX Payments and the 20th Anniversary Conference of the Thirteenth Security EMA Conference to be held in Kiev on 30 July

Payment Revolution 2020: The Perfect Storm: Perfect Ukrainian Interbank Association of members of the payment system “EMA” Named its 20th anniversary conference XX Payment and XIII Security EMA ConferenceCashless Payments is dedicated to the development of financial inclusion and payment security.

Exactly what Ukraine’s financial and payment market participants need to do – regulators, banks, non-banking financial institutions, postal service operators, a payment aggregator to “ride the wave”, the horrors of that “perfect storm” Use new opportunities to prevent results, and, conversely, for steady growth.

Main topics for the development of paid business:

1. Bank, Mail, Telecom, Payment Institute. Players and roles:

  • Hunger and ambition
  • Daunting challenges and sad prospects

2. Release cannot be adjusted!

  • IRF, MSF
  • Salary “Slavery” vs Salary “Chaos”
  • POS + RRO + Tax
  • Open API, fast payment

Main topic on payment security:

1. It’s strange open banking:

  • Requirements and responsibilities
  • “the customer is always right!” – Price issue

2. “Rise of machines” – how to protect the client?

  • Mobile Application Security and Mobile Payments
  • On-line lending without a doubt and fear
  • “Bank in Smartphone.” RBS Security

3. ATM Security – Mission Possible

  • Software and logical hack
  • Explosives, gas and other “magnificent creatures”
  • Skimming

The conference will be held 30 July 2020 In Kiev, st. Lipkowski, 1A, RK “Ultramarine”, 3rd floor “Oasis”.

Details on Website

For participation and partnership questions, call (044) 568-58-38, write [email protected]


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