You may be going there yourself – MP Goncharenko was indignant at Zelensky’s decision



Party member for European Solidarity Alexei Goncharenko was outraged by the idea of ​​the country’s president, Vladimir Zelensky, to send Ukrainian doctors to Italy to help fight the coronavirus.

Alexey Goncharenko
Alexey Goncharenko. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Youtube channel people’s deputy.

Alexey Goncharenko recorded the next video message. This time, the people’s deputy criticized the head of state’s idea of ​​sending Ukrainian doctors to Italy to help fight the coronavirus. He thinks that doing this is already too late. And if it was necessary to send aid to Italy, it had to be done before the peak of the epidemic started there. The decision Zelensky, Goncharenko called “PR”.

Now, according to Goncharenko, the president should focus on fighting the pandemic in Ukraine. Indeed, the country is experiencing a serious shortage of remedies for the coronavirus.

“In Italy, he decided to help. Help your country. We have nothing. You haven’t prepared anything, but you’re telling Italy to help. Maybe you will go there yourself, in Italy? Better still, in Wuhan, ”criticized President Goncharenko.

Earlier, we reported that Lukashenko had indicated on what conditions the Republic of Belarus was ready to unite with the Russian Federation.

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