You Must Do It – Pushilin Has Reapplied For Zelensky



The head of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin decided to appeal directly to the President of Ukraine. He demanded that the Ukrainian leader take all measures to achieve peace. Otherwise, as the separatist said, “the army of the republic” will find an answer. Vladimir Zelensky did not answer anything on this subject.

Denis Pushilin
Denis Pushilin. Photo –

This information was reported by the portal. Glavdnr, referring to Pushilin’s direct speech, reports “MFN”.

“We were discouraged by the cynicism we saw in the media coverage of Ukraine. Documents are presented which only confirm the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are firing on our positions in response. Thus, they liquidate the positions where the forces of the mercenaries of the Russian Federation are concentrated ”, declared at the beginning one of the leaders of the L / DPR.

After that, he started talking about the tense situation at the front. According to Pushilin, this is why he turned to the Ukrainian government.

“I want to appeal to the entire politico-military leadership of Ukraine. You must refuse to make reckless military decisions. We know on whose conscience this responsibility will be. I personally call Zelensky, I take all necessary measures to stop bombing our positions, “said Mr. Pushilin at the end.

However, for some reason, the head of the “DPR” did not take into account information from the OSCE and independent European experts, who confirm the provocations of the separatists from “L / DPR”.

Recall that Putin highlighted the main mistake of his policy: social networks have made stories about the words of the President of the Russian Federation.



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