You must sleep properly: the doctor has given important advice to improve the quality of sleep and life expectancy



Sleep problems are becoming more common these days. If a person does not sleep well, irritability occurs, the risk of high pressure, stress and, therefore, the deterioration of the health of the whole organism and the appearance of many chronic diseases are increased.

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Good sleep is the key to health
Correct posture in a dream will relieve many diseases. Photo:

The recommended standard for sleep is 7 to 8 hours a day. However, the quality of sleep, which directly depends on the position in which you sleep, does not matter.

Chiropractor and sleep expert Dr. John Duillard says sleep quality improves if you sleep on the left side.

In his opinion, this contributes to improving health and increasing life expectancy.

“Sleeping on the left side has many health and longevity benefits,” says Dr. Duillard.

According to the doctor, sleep on the left side improves the functioning of the heart, is useful for the lymphatic system due to the more efficient elimination of waste products, toxins and lymphatic fluid.

In addition, sleeping on the left side of the body will relieve the condition of people with sensitive stomachs and heartburn. In addition, this position of the body will help to get rid of snoring in a dream, which not only interferes with a partner’s sleep, but is harmful to the heart.

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