You Won’t Believe How Many Cool Things SIRI Can Do on the new iPhone 12!

What is Siri?

Apple’s iPhone 4s was released in October of 2011 and with it came a new feature called Siri. Most of the time when a new phone is released, the features are pretty well known before people buy the phone. But Siri was different. She (or he, but for the sake of this article we will refer to Siri as a female) was an unknown entity. So what is Siri? Simply put, she is artificial intelligence or AI.

She can do many things such as schedule appointments, give directions, make calls, and send texts. But her most popular function by far is her ability to answer questions using Apple’s built-in search engine, Spotlight. If you ask Siri a question, she will hear it and then ask you to confirm it. If you say “yes” she will search your phone for the answer, if you say “no” she will look up the answer in Spotlight.


How to activate Siri and how to use it?

Apple’s personal assistant Siri can be used to do a variety of tasks, like sending text messages and checking the weather, but in order to use her, you first have to activate her. 

Here’s how:

To activate Siri on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later, hold down the Home button or say “Hey, Siri.” On an iPhone X or later, just say “Hey, Siri.”

On an iPhone 8 or earlier, iPad with a Home button, or iPod touch, you can also enable “Hey, Siri” in Settings > General > Accessibility >Siri.

Note: To confirm that you want Siri to be on, reboot your device.   When you’re setting up a new iPhone or iPad, hold down the Home button for a few seconds until “Hey, Siri” appears on-screen.


What types of things can I ask Siri about or ask it to do?

Since the release of Apple’s iPhone 4S, Siri has been one of the most popular features. With just the sound of your voice, you can ask it to do a wide range of tasks. But what can you actually ask for? Here is a list of some things you might not have known you could ask Siri.

  • You can ask Siri for current weather conditions and forecasts in specific cities.
  • You can ask it to set reminders and calendar appointments.
  • You can ask it to play music by an artist, song, or album.
  • You can ask it for movie times and theater information.
  • You can get directions and traffic information.
  • You can ask general questions about sports, stocks, history, geography, and more.
  • You can ask Siri to contact people, send text messages, and make phone calls.
  • You can also ask it to post on social media.
  • You can use Siri as a timer. you can use Siri as a stopwatch.
  • You can use Siri as a calculator. 
  • You can ask Siri to make a note. 
  • You can ask it to set alarms. 
  • You can ask it to translate text from one language to another. 
  • You can ask it for sports scores, prices, and schedules.


How can I change SIRI Voice?

Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, is a great way to get things done on your iPhone. You can ask Siri to do a variety of tasks, like set reminders or give you directions. But did you know that you can also change the voice of Siri? Here’s how:

First, open the Settings app and tap on General. Then tap on Accessibility. Scroll down until you see Siri and tap on it. Tap on Voice Gender and then choose the voice that you want Siri to use. There are a few different voices to choose from, so pick the one that sounds best to you.


Tell Siri who are you

Since its introduction in 2011, Apple’s Siri personal assistant has been a useful tool for many people. One of the great things about Siri is that it can be personalized to fit each user’s needs. In order to do this, however, you first need to tell Siri who you are. This can be done by opening the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and selecting “General” > “About” > “Name.” Here you can enter your name and other information that you want Siri to know about you.

Most people are okay with Siri having this access because they trust that Apple will keep their information safe. But what if Apple were to sell your data? Or what if a hacker managed to get into your account? Your personal information would be at risk.

So, is it really worth it to let Siri know who you are? Yes, it is. Although there are risks involved, the benefits of letting Siri get to know you outweigh them. Siri can help make your life easier and more convenient, and it’s unlikely that your data will ever be compromised.


Which things Siri can’t do

Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant for iPhone 4S and newer devices, is a great help when you need to do something on your phone but don’t want to take your hands off the wheel. However, Siri has its limitations. Here are six things Siri can’t do:

1) Siri can’t change your phone’s settings. If you want to turn off Bluetooth or change your wallpaper, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way – by tapping on the appropriate icons in your phone’s menu.

2) Siri can’t type for you. If you need to enter a lot of text, it might be faster to just do it yourself.

3) Siri can’t tell you what time it is in a different time zone.

4) Siri can’t video chat with you via FaceTime. 

5) Siri can’t play a song for you. 

6) Siri can’t find any movies or TV shows that are playing in the area.



In conclusion, Siri on the iPhone 12 can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of these include scheduling appointments, sending messages, checking the weather, and much more. With this powerful assistant at your fingertips, you can get things done faster and easier than ever before. So be sure to try out Siri on your new iPhone 12 and see just how helpful she can be!