YouTube enforces a new ban: violators will be removed immediately


Perversion and rumors are too expensive for the world today.

YouTube enforces a new ban: violators will be removed immediately

YouTube has begun to ban content that directly contradicts the World Health Organization guidelines as the coronovirus epidemic continues to destroy the US and other countries. Google-owned video hosting says it will remove anything it deems “medically inappropriate”.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki said media giants want to erase “platform misinformation”. YouTube also removes conspiracy theory-related content that connects Kovid-19 to the 5G network.

“Conversations in the style of taking new vitamin C, take turmeric, we’ll fix you,” are examples of violating our new policy, “Wojski said.

Wojcicki also stated that the current state of the site increased demand for data from reliable sources by 75%. Youtube is not the only site taking more stringent steps to stop the flow of misinformation. Last week, Facebook announced that users who read, watch or broadcast inaccurate information about Kovid-19 will receive a pop-up warning urging them to visit the WHO website.

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Remember that YouTube video hosting and Netflix streaming service for the next month will reduce the quality of video broadcasting in Europe. This should help relieve the network of increased load in situations where, due to the coronovirus epidemic, many are sitting at home and watching streaming video.

These decisions were made after the European Union turned to streaming services with a request to stop showing high quality video (HD format).

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