YouTube helps control sleep: new feature launched


Watching YouTube videos at night is very easy. The company decided to help fight it.

YouTube helps control sleep: new feature launched

Now it’s easy to drag yourself into YouTube’s bottommost well, watch automatic playback for hours until you realize that it’s already over. Extending the tasks of time management, the service decided to add a reminder to its tasks that it was time to finish watching and go to bed.

You can select the start and end time in the Settings menu and decide whether you want the reminder to sleep before the video, or wait until it ends. And if you change your mind and want to continue watching another video (or ten), you can decline the reminder.

The innovation is already available for iOS and Android. An update will be distributed in the coming days.

Over the years, YouTube has added a number of welfare-oriented digital features. These include how to control average daily viewing data and total viewing time over the past week, a daily digest of video notifications, schedule break reminders, and the ability to mute notification sounds and vibrations for specific periods of each day .

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Remember, YouTube video hosting and Netflix streaming service reduced the quality of video broadcasting in Europe, to protect the network from increased load in situations when, due to the coronovirus epidemic, many people are sitting at home and watching streaming videos Have been.

These decisions were made after the European Union addressed streaming services with a request to stop showing high quality video (HD format). The amount of time people spend on streaming services has increased by 20% and in some different countries like Austria and Spain by 40%.

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