YouTube introduces information censorship: list of prohibited topics



Google has published information that YouTube prohibits the publication of news containing false medical information.

This is reported by the NPF, citing

YouTube introduces censorship.
YouTube Censors Coronavirus Medical News Photo:

The warning applies to content “containing false medical information contrary to official COVID-19 information” disseminated by WHO and national health authorities.

In particular, it is prohibited to publish on YouTube videos including:

false information about the mode of transmission of the coronavirus, its prevention, treatment and diagnosis;

calls not to contact doctors with coronavirus and recommends treatment;

requests treatment of the coronavirus with homemade medicines, various prayers and rituals;

allegations that COVID-19 does not actually exist or do not die from this disease;

allegations of a COVID-19 vaccine or drugs that prevent infection with this virus;

states that COVID-19 is not a viral infection, does not spread in certain types of climate or geographic region, is not contagious or that certain individuals or groups of individuals have guaranteed immunity against this virus;

statements that deny the effectiveness of physical distance and self-isolation to reduce the spread of infection.

After three warnings for such violations, the channel will be closed.

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