Zakharchenko could become president of Ukraine: “Stirlitz” exposed the scandalous incident of the separatists



Ukrainian blogger and APU officer Anatoly Stefan “Stirlitz” ironically recounted how the late leader of the “DPR” separatists almost became the President of Ukraine. Perhaps it was a deliberate provocation or the separatist media was seriously sealed.

Alexander Zakharchenko
Alexander Zakharchenko. Stock Photo –

This information has been reported Stirlitz in his Telegram chain, reports “MFN”.

“The head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, will win the elections in Ukraine. But they must be fair and democratic, ”reported the separatist media, citing writer Zakhar Prilepin.

On this occasion, an APU fighter “Stirlitz” spoke with irony, who cleverly mocked these words.

“Two years ago that day, I wrote an article on Facebook … Zaker never arrived in Kiev. I could not win the election. But on the other hand, he got sober with a notable glass breaker, ”said Stefan.

We know that the national Bolshevik Prilepin quite often makes provocative statements even with regard to the Russian authorities. It is unclear why the L / DPR separatists decided to refer to him. However, as you can see, they are still joking about it on social media.

We will remind, in Parliament to initiate the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers: the people’s deputy Gerashchenko made an official statement.



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