Zelensky – about leaving zarobitchan: We don’t block anyone



Zelensky - about leaving zarobitchan: We don't block anyone

Zelensky – about leaving zarobitchan: We don’t block anyone

05/09.2020 16:02


President Vladimir Zelensky has declared that Ukraine will not block the departure of workers abroad provided that the contracting country provides a work contract for at least three months.

He said this during a briefing for journalists during a work trip to Transcarpathia, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“We don’t block anything from anyone … We explained that when we have a quarantine, it must be respected. This has to be understood … We let people leave for these jobs, provided they show us a copy of the contract with the person for at least three months of work, “said Zelensky.

He added that “when a country that contacts us through diplomatic relations undertakes to provide our citizens with housing, medical insurance, we can be sure that if something happens to our citizen, they will not throw it away not”.

The President said that now many countries have sent flight orders for Ukrainian workers. Among them, Germany, Italy, Finland and Poland.

“If you want to work abroad, please, there is no slavery in Ukraine,” said Zelensky.

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As reported, since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to combat the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. Part of the Ukrainian zarobitchans have lost or limited their work due to the coronavirus in other countries.

On April 30, the Governmental Coordination Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration began negotiations with European countries at the invitation of Ukrainian workers for seasonal work.

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