Zelensky advises to stay at home: more than 25% of patients do not support the medical system



Zelensky advises to stay at home: more than 25% of patients do not support the medical system

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky urged citizens to comply with quarantine rules because 25 to 50% of the domestic medical system Covid-19 simultaneously sick can not stand.

The head of state said so in his video message.

“Today there are three scenarios. The first. Three to five percent of patients with coronavirus simultaneously. These are painful figures. But such a scenario is not a disaster. Therefore, we must be gathered and disciplined: continue self-isolation, respect the rules of hygiene and not go out unnecessarily. Then we will survive this storm, ”said Zelensky.

According to him, in the second scenario, the incidence of Covid-19 is predicted at 25% in Ukraine, in the third – the incidence of more than 50% of patients with coronovirus simultaneously is predicted.

“The second and even more so the third scenario – our medical system will not survive. Our doctors will not resist the simultaneous influx of so many patients. Everyone must realize: quarantine is not a vacation. Sunny weather, parks, beaches, barbecue – it will all wait. This is nothing compared to his own health and his own life, ”said Zelensky.

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Once again, he urged the Ukrainians to stay at home and not to go out unless absolutely necessary.

“Tonight, Ukraine has switched to summer time. I believe that very soon, thanks to unity and cohesion, we will all go through a healthy and happy period. Be in good health, dear Ukrainians! I wish you 36 and 6. We take care of us. We will save Ukraine, ”said the president.

As Ukrinform reported, since March 12, Ukraine has introduced quarantine in educational institutions and a number of other measures to control the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus infection.

On March 25, an emergency was introduced across Ukraine. Quarantine extended until April 24.

Closed commercial facilities, except for grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and banks. Work on the Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro metros was also halted, interurban and interregional automobile, railway and aviation services were halted.

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