Zelensky announced three possible scenarios for the development of the situation with the coronavirus: optimistic only the first



In his next video speech to the Ukrainians on March 29, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke of three possible scenarios of the situation with the coronavirus.

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Video message from Vladimir Zelensky.
Vladimir Zelensky made a new video message to the Ukrainians. Photo:

The most optimistic of them is the first scenario.

“First: from 3% to 5% of patients simultaneously with a coronavirus. These are painful figures. But such a scenario is not a disaster. Therefore, we must be gathered and disciplined: continue self-isolation, respect the rules of hygiene and not go out unnecessarily. Then we will survive this storm. “ – declared the president.

According to Zelensky, the second scenario is 25% of people infected simultaneously with the coronavirus, and the third – 50% of patients.

Our medical system will not support the second and even more the third scenario. Our doctors will not resist the simultaneous influx of so many patients. “– underlined the president.

Zelensky noted that the “skewers” will wait, as all of this is nothing compared to their own health and life.

“KOronavirus will surely pass, and we will have a lot of work ahead of us. Together, we are all building a prosperous and prosperous country. A country of forty, not twenty million inhabitants. I don’t scare anyone now, but it’s time to realize that this is no joke “– the president added in his video message.

It has already been reported that the consequences of a pandemic could be disastrous.

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