Zelensky calls to stay at home for the future of the nation



Zelensky calls to stay at home for the future of the nation

President Vladimir Zelensky called on Ukrainians to stay at home, including at Easter, and thus to show unity for the health of the nation and its future.

He highlighted this in a welcome video posted on his Facebook page.

“Easter is a feast of unity, and today our whole country is united by a single desire – to go out … Do you remember how parents did not let go out in childhood? And today, it’s such a situation that we don’t let our parents go out. And it’s not revenge. ”It’s a concern. When we all stay at home, it really is unity – unity for the good of the doctors, for the health of our nation, and therefore its future, “said the Head of State.

The President noted that he understood the desire of people to go out, since he himself sits in the office from morning to night, where the windows do not even open. However, today he has a day off and he is at home.

“Yes, we stay at home, and even after the weekend and after the quarantine, we are frightened by the figures on the scale and not by the figures on the thermometer,” said the head of state.

According to the president, almost his entire working day consists of meetings, meetings, calls, negotiations. “You say so much that when you get home there is only one desire – to shut up. I recently realized that in fact at these times I don’t shut up – I turn to God “, he said.

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Zelensky noted that all Ukrainians, although in different words, ask the same thing of the Almighty – that parents live longer, that children are happy, that grandchildren do not cough, that relatives are still there, that everything is fine in Ukraine, so that we are all alive.

“May God help us in this. And we will help him. We will stay at home! Dear Ukrainians, let us remember the wisdom of the Sermon on the Mount of Christ: do not flaunt your own justice. Strong faith is faith in our hearts, “said the president.

He wished that good, light and mercy would come to the hearts of Ukrainians, joy, prosperity and love at home, and peace on our earth.

The President wished everyone good health, the grace of God and a delicious Easter.

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