Zelensky can beat Putin: Nevzorov revealed the weakness of the President of the Russian Federation (video)



It became known that Vladimir Zelensky could surpass the Russian leader in the political arena. However, he cannot do it directly, as the forces will be totally uneven. This will only be possible with the political agility and dexterity of the President of Ukraine.

Alexander Nevzorov
Alexander Nevzorov. Photo – e.g.

This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov, reports “MFN” with reference to the interview “Gordon“.

“Little Davidik managed to outwit a huge and dangerous fighter named Goliath. You should understand that the card can lie in different ways. It is necessary to take into account the state of the old fighter, that is, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Of course, it is unlikely that Zelensky will be able to face it directly, “said Nevzorov, responding to the question of whether Zelensky could outsmart Putin.

Nevertheless, after these words, Nevzorov said that this was possible due to political dexterity. He again cited David as an example, who he says is Zelensky, who can “put away” a stone in Goliath Putin’s forehead.

“However, I cannot say anything about Zelensky. I have no opinion on his personality, because we are not familiar. I am not used to speaking in such a situation,” concluded Nevzorov.

Recall that Klimkin called Putin’s next goal in Ukraine after the Donbass: details.



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