Zelensky commented on the situation with National Bank


According to the President, due to the exchange rate of the national currency, enterprises received less than millions

Zelensky commented on the situation with National Bank. Photo:

Vladimir Zelensky believes that due to the hryvnia exchange rate maintained in the country recently, Ukrainian enterprises “have lost millions and closed down.” This was announced by the President at a meeting with the business in the Chernivtsi region on 8 July.

“I am completely satisfied. The fact that millions of people received less than the enterprises and closed due to this course is true. We struggled with it from the start of our rhythm in the summer [2019 года]”, – said in response to the business’s” many complaints “the guarantor, reports Interfax.

“Everyone around us said that we have an independent bank [Национальный банк]. Yes, and we support the independence of the National Bank of Ukraine, but we told everyone how we can live, even if our budget is calculated at the rate of 30, and hryvnia, you see what we have . We were told that these are market conditions, an independent bank etc., and you all know this very well.

According to the head of state, all entrepreneurs “fully understand” the situation around the head of the National Bank of Ukraine.

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On 1 July, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Yakov Smoly, wrote and submitted a letter of resignation to the President of his own free will. In an official statement, the NBU said that the reason for Smolia’s departure was political pressure on the National Bank.

Smolley later said that pressure on the leadership of the National Bank was manifested in calls to increase inflation by 11% and to weaken the hryvnia by 30 UAH / dollar.

On 7 July, the NBU team issued an appeal, seeking to stem political pressure on the NBU by some deputies to “systematically distort and discredit the act of the regulator”.

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