Zelensky congratulated two hometowns on vacation



Zelensky congratulated two hometowns on vacation

Zelensky congratulated two hometowns on vacation

05/31.2020 10:21


President Vladimir Zelensky congratulated the residents of Kiev and Krivoy Rog on the days of the city and wished them good health in terms of comfort, safety, comfort and leisure.

He wrote about it on Facebook.

“You know, now for all the holidays, the traditional wish for health has become particularly precious and relevant. And today it is no exception. Therefore, I wish that Kiev and Krivoy Rog are always in good health. In every sense of the word To be in good health in terms of comfort, security, comfort and relaxation Benefit from a strong immunity against the “virus of bad roads”, stay away from traffic jams and chaotic buildings. Get vitamins regularly at events, concerts, contests and large-scale investments. Breathe clean air to the fullest. To be, live and flower for over a thousand years! “Wrote Zelensky .

He recalled that this weekend, two of his hometowns are celebrating their birthday. The first is 1538, and the second is “a little younger, he is 245 years old”. Here is Kiev and Krivoy Rog.

Zelensky also pointed out that he was born in Krivoy Rog and that in Kiev “he finally became exactly what he is”.

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“Kryvyi Rih gave his first friends and his first love. And we all ended up in Kiev, which only strengthened friendship and love. My daughter was born in Kryvyi Rih. My son was born in Kiev The most fragrant coffee in Kiev In Kryvyi – the mother’s most delicious borscht between them – a distance of 417 kilometers and a difference in 1293, but there is something that unites these cities in a unique way. They are incredible, talented, courageous, brilliant and kind people. In fact, as in all of our Ukraine “- added the president.

He noted that he still wanted to return to Kiev and Krivoy Rog.

“At Krivoy Rog, at the registrar, I swore allegiance to my wife. In Kiev, at the Parliament, I swore allegiance to the Ukrainian people. In both cases, I tried to make people happy. And that does not matter – it is a person or a country of several million people. – be faithful to your wishes every day and every minute, “assured the president.

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