Zelensky could finally lose his influence: analyst Basarab said that the head of state would be forced to do



President Vladimir Zelensky quickly loses his influence on Parliament and the government. The president, according to analyst Mikhail Basarab, has only one way: to compromise.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Facts.”

President Vladimir Zelensky has only one way to at least somehow maintain his influence. Analyst Mikhail Basarab believes that from now on the head of state will be forced to make constant compromises. Basarab believes that compromises will have to be made with Parliament, with the government, and even with the Servant of the People faction.

But such tactics of the head of state, according to the expert, will demonstrate the vulnerability of the president of the country. And as a result, it can finally lose its influence over power.

“The ship has not yet sunk, but has already run aground. The turbo mode in which this ship cut the waves last fall was forever in the past. In addition, in order to condemn his influence over the faction, parliament and government, Zelensky will have to constantly build political and commercial compromises. This in turn will emphasize the vulnerability and weakness of the not-so-strong president. It is the path to the loss of influence over the branches of government and then over the situation in the country as a whole, “said the analyst.

Earlier, we reported that Poroshenko had said whether “European Solidarity” would support the appointment of Saakashvili to the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

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