Zelensky formed the Higher Education Development Council



Zelensky formed the Higher Education Development Council

Zelensky formed the Higher Education Development Council

06.06.2020 11:51


President Vladimir Zelensky formed the Council for the Development of Higher Education in Ukraine as an advisory body.

The corresponding decree n ° 210/10 2020 is published on the website of the Head of State.

“To form a Council on the development of higher education in Ukraine as an advisory body under the presidency of Ukraine,” said the document.

As the president stated on his Facebook page, the tasks of the government mentioned in the decree are the first steps, the importance and urgency of which were stressed by all representatives of higher education at the meeting of the Tuesday June 2.

Quality education for Ukrainians is a strategic priority, he says

“We must formulate clear objectives and prepare competitive specialists according to the needs of the Ukrainian economy. Determine the professions whose market is saturated and which, on the contrary, will be in great demand in the years to come”, underlined the chief of State.

He noted that the development of a network of modern, comfortable, sufficient for the needs of students who are not residents of hostels is just as important.

Zelensky noted that there is a need to popularize the study of the mathematical and natural sciences.

“Ukraine is a land of inventors and pioneers recognized around the world. We must have new Sikorsky, Korolev and Vernadsky. For this, we need to develop scientific activity in universities, develop research infrastructure, in particular industrial laboratories. A country cannot succeed, which offers the scientist only a chair, a sheet of paper and a pen. This must be changed, “underlined the president.

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According to him, particular attention will be paid to the popularization of Ukrainian education among foreign students.

The Head of State said that among the tasks of the Council for the Development of Higher Education will be: improving the quality and content of higher education in Ukraine, preparing proposals to improve Ukrainian legislation in this area, in particular with regard to the financial autonomy of higher education establishments, the mechanism for attracting private investment and the development of public establishments. private partnership.

“I want to emphasize that we are not just focusing on higher education. In the near future, we will be organizing meetings with representatives from preschool, secondary and vocational education and together we will identify ways to develop and develop ‘improve these levels,’ said Zelensky.

As noted, on June 2, President Vladimir Zelensky met with leaders of the main higher education institutions in Ukraine and discussed with them issues of optimizing the quality of secondary education, teacher salaries and conditions. student learning.

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