Zelensky has assured that he will not allow the closure of hospitals and the dismissal of doctors



Zelensky has assured that he will not allow the closure of hospitals and the dismissal of doctors

Zelensky has assured that he will not allow the closure of hospitals and the dismissal of doctors


21.06.2020 10:35


The President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, congratulated the Ukrainian doctors on the Day of the Medical Worker.

A congratulatory video was posted on the president’s Facebook page.

“Today in Ukraine is celebrated the day of the medical worker. Officially, this day has no such status, but, in my opinion, it really is a holiday. And for every citizen today, it is like the birthday of a very close person, a Ukrainian doctor who is always ready to help, protect and save your life. I congratulate all medical workers in Ukraine on their professional vacation, “said the head of the State.

He recalled that he had signed an allocation decree for 122 doctors. These people, he said, are only a small part of a large family of thousands of professional and dedicated Ukrainian doctors. Zelensky noted that he regrets that due to quarantine, he cannot personally reward the doctors.

At the same time, he expressed his confidence that it is thanks to the doctors that Ukraine will overcome the coronavirus and that in the future, the President will be able to meet them more than once.

Zelensky also regretted that, in previous years, the state had paid little attention to its doctors and since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, we have had a lot. But it was thanks to the doctors that Ukraine was able to survive. According to him, Ukrainian doctors are a state treasure and must be preserved.

The President also recalled that, by government decision, the cost of medicines had also increased by 8 billion hryvnia. “Thus, all medical institutions which, due to the old medical reform, were about to close, will be funded and preserved,” he said.

According to him, 1.2 billion UAH will be allocated to emergency medical care, and from September 1, all medical workers will be increased by 25, 50 and 70 percent, depending on their categories. “These are just the first steps and the minimum we can do today to thank you at least for your work,” said Zelensky.

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The president also assured that he would not allow the closure of hospitals in Ukraine and the loss of jobs by doctors.

“As promised, I will not allow hospitals to close. I will not allow doctors to lose their jobs and look for a better life abroad. I was, is and will be, in a good sense of the word, lobbyist for the interests of every Ukrainian doctor. And I will do everything to ensure you receive protection, respect and decent pay for their work, “said the president.

As noted, today in Ukraine celebrate the Day of the medical worker. This professional celebration was instituted by the presidential decree of June 3, 1994 and is celebrated every year on the third Sunday in June.

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