Zelensky has promised to organize “adventures” in Poroshenko – lawyers have revealed new data on investigations of the State Security Committee



News of the case against former President Petro Poroshenko has been released. The lawyers said that Vladimir Zelensky had publicly promised to organize an “adventure” for the former president. The RRG has long been involved in the implementation of orders, but at the same time there are pitfalls.

Poroshenko and Zelensky
Poroshenko and Zelensky. Photo – 112.UA

These opinions were expressed by lawyers Ilya Novikov and Igor Golovan during an interview, reports “MFN”.

“RBG specialists quickly responded to the promises of the current President of Ukraine. After Zelensky promised to organize a Poroshenko adventure. But it does indicate that the GBR has lost all hope of finding something illegal in the activities of the fifth president of Ukraine, “said Golovan.

After that, the lawyer said that experts are now studying in depth the whole history of Poroshenko’s presidency. He said that at present, GDB experts are largely repelled by YouTube videos. At the same time, according to him, there are still no significant changes in the cases against Poroshenko.

“This year, fewer people are taking these stories seriously. It is clear that the story of Poroshenko is not the last. If Zelensky has promised, he will try to do so. However, one cannot fully believe all the promises. But the promises regarding Poroshenko, I think, are possible. Personally, I believe in it, ”said Novikov.

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