Zelensky has shown that he is unable to run the state – political scientist Taran has pointed out the President’s actions, which have shown his weakness



Political scientist Sergey Taran believes that President Vladimir Zelensky and his team are unable to manage the state. According to the political scientist, the head of state demonstrated his weakness by addressing the oligarchs with a request for assistance from the state in the fight against coronaviruses.

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This is reported by the NPF, citing ZNAI.UA.

Political scientist Sergei Taran highlighted the action of President Vladimir Zelensky, who demonstrated his inability to run the state. The political scientist believes that the president’s call to representatives of large companies indicates the weakness and the absence of a specific anti-crisis plan. This is also evidenced by the frequent staff changes in the Cabinet of Ministers. In addition, Taran noted that even during the election campaign, Mr. Zelensky announced that he would fight the oligarchic regime in the country and that, according to the political scientist, he not only seeks help, but also offers curatorship in regions of Ukraine.

“In fact, Zelensky showed bankruptcy in his managerial qualities. During the first crisis, he went to see the oligarchs, I don’t think it was his mistake – it was his forced step. It has shown its inability to govern the state in a crisis, “said the political scientist.

According to the expert, the serious problem for Ukraine is now the lack of a political elite capable of meeting the challenges facing Ukraine.

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