Zelensky has summoned the “Servant of the People” for a private meeting: an important law for Ukraine will be discussed



The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky intends to take special measures to stabilize the country. On April 13 there will be a closed meeting “Servant of the People” to discuss key issues.

Vladimir Zelensky
Vladimir Zelensky. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “Navigator“, Reports” MFN “.

The source reports that the president intends to hold a closed meeting with representatives of his faction. Zelensky must take action immediately on a number of important issues, including the coronavirus in the country, the downgrading of the ranking of political forces, pressure from political opponents, and the economic crisis that has intensified due to quarantine. However, it is not clear which topics will be given priority in an in camera meeting. It is reported that the closed meeting will take place at 5:00 p.m., after the end of the special meeting of the Verkhovna Rada.

The most likely scenario seems to be that Zelensky wants to discuss the situation with people’s deputies with a large number of amendments to the outrageous law, which has been dubbed anti-Kolomoisky.

Recall, as previously stated, Solovyov threatened Ukraine with a further escalation: the live progangist began to threaten his neighbor.

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