Zelensky held a meeting on the safety of Ukrainians during the Easter holidays



Zelensky held a meeting on the safety of Ukrainians during the Easter holidays

Additional measures to keep Ukrainians safe during the Easter holidays were discussed in a daily conference call chaired by President Vladimir Zelensky to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

According to the press service of the Head of State, questions of strengthening control over the wearing of masks, restriction of crowds and mode of worship were discussed.

“We must do everything to protect the Ukrainians from the coronavirus epidemic. Easter is always an important time for people, a period of family reunification. I am sure the Ukrainians understand that in this difficult period we must also protect closest ones, “said Zelensky.

He was informed that in response to the plight of doctors in the Ternopil region and their appeal to the President and the government, chief medical officer of health Viktor Lyashko had already visited the region. On site, he will look into the issue of providing medical staff with protective equipment, will inform about the latest government actions to help patients, and will also examine all current issues that concern doctors and residents .

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov noted that licensing is underway for Ukrainian companies to manufacture drugs that will help begin to overcome COVID-19 in the initial stages and avoid complications. The Ministry of Health has already developed a treatment protocol for patients with coronavirus.

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100 thousand tests arrived in Ukraine overnight, and in the evening they will be delivered to the regions, said Kirill Tymoshenko, secretary of the Coordination Council for Combating the Proliferation of COVID-19. He also added that on April 3, a contract had been signed for the purchase of reagents, which would be enough to carry out a million tests. “At the beginning of next week, these reagents will be sent to regional laboratories,” said Tymoshenko.

In addition, the first batch of reusable protective coveralls for physicians is being shipped to the region today. Until the end of next week, medical establishments will receive 12,000 units of these protective clothing. The purchase of special equipment and necessary equipment is underway, said Tymoshenko.

The President of Ukraine noted that the delivery of these items to medical facilities should be checked.

“So that it is not that we are looking for money, partners, organize production abroad, organize planes, transport, then we get nice statistics and hundreds of calls from doctors they have nothing. The doctors are at the epicenter of the infection, and they but our soldiers, our defense, our hope. We do everything so that they are protected and can protect us, “summarizes Zelensky.

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As Ukrinform reported, residents of the Monastyris district of the Ternopil region in a video message to the President of Ukraine announced a critical situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the region and the inadequate supply of protective equipment and medication at the hospital and local doctors.

Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Viktor Lyashko, travels to the Ternopil region today to speak with medical workers.

Photo: Office of the President

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