Zelensky is no longer interested in the world – Dobkin declared a huge threat to Ukraine



Famous Ukrainian politician Mikhail Dobkin strongly condemned the current Ukrainian government. He believes that President Vladimir Zelensky is not interested in bringing peace to the country. Dobkin said that a new occupation awaits Ukraine.

Gennady Dobkin
Gennady Dobkin. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with reference to the broadcast channel News one.

Dobkin believes that the more time passes since election day, the less confidence Ukrainians have in the world. In addition, he said that the war was good for Zelensky and his colleagues, and that a wave of new occupation would sweep the country. The reason for this, he called for the adoption of laws contrary to the interests of Ukraine.

“During the elections, Zelensky promised peace to Ukraine. Poroshenko made similar promises. As we can see, there is no result. The belief in establishing peace among peoples is disappearing. The Ukrainians themselves must conquer the world, there is no other hope. But first, we must postpone the new occupation. I am talking about laws that harm Ukraine – this is the law on the land market and on banks, ”he said.

Dobkin believes that a new hybrid occupation is taking place in Ukraine and that the country is losing its interests to the benefit of Western states.

Remember, as stated before, I ask to tell the whole truth – Goncharenko has found Zelensky guilty of fraud.

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