Zelensky is preparing for a large-scale war – the expert Knyazev on the president’s new bills



Vladimir Zelensky recently presented a bill on military registration to the Verkhovna Rada. This bill increases fines for violation of military registration rules in Ukraine. In addition, it involves a sort of “conscript safari” – fishing almost free for those who avoid going to the military enlistment desk.

Vladimir Zelensky
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This opinion was expressed by the journalist and political scientist Svyatoslav Knyazev in his article on the information portal “Century“, Reports” NPF “.

“The first moment of this law concerns a sharp increase in fines for those who violate the rules of military registration. Now, if someone does not register, does not come to the mobilization or does not even provide the lists of employees of his or her company at the right time to the military registration and enrollment office, these will only be drastic measures, ”said Knyazev at the very beginning.

After that, the expert referred to the report of Ukrainian journalists, according to which the fines for ordinary violations of accounting rules after the adoption of the bill would reach 105,000 hryvnia. If, according to them, the law on defense and mobilization is violated, the fine will reach 500,000 UAH.

“The bill also provides for a” recruit safari. ” Military registration and enlistment offices previously could not use the police to deliver people to military enlistment offices. Of course, this has often been violated. The lawyers in this regard could beat the situation in court in favor of the victim. Now the loophole will be closed. Recruits will be able to grab anywhere and deliver to recruiting points as you please. And those who consciously “mow” the army will shine for 3 years in prison, “he said.

After these words, the expert asked a rhetorical question about the reasons why the President of Ukraine presents such bills. He recalled that Zelensky often talks about peace and the end of the war, but at the same time he does everything he can to militarize society, having pushed all those who do not agree with the army.

“I don’t know exactly what Ukraine is preparing for. But such actions suggest the idea that Zelensky is preparing for a large-scale war. I would like to be wrong …” said Knyazev at the end.

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