Zelensky made changes to military service regulations in the SBU



Zelensky made changes to military service regulations in the SBU

Zelensky made changes to military service regulations in the SBU

05.05.2020 19:43


President Volodymyr Zelensky has made regulations to the military service of the Ukrainian security services

The corresponding decree No. 165/2020 is published on the website of the Head of State.

The document, in particular, provides that Ukrainian citizens are accepted for military service under a contract with the SBU in accordance with the Law on Military Service and Military Service.

This law also sets the age limit for military service in special services.

In addition, in paragraph 13, after paragraph four, add a new paragraph to read as follows:

<< with members of the military who are graduates of higher military educational establishments or military educational establishments of higher educational establishments within the framework of the military service training program occupying officer positions and mastering the specialties of aviation personnel and admitted to military service under the officer's contract, - 10 years, and with those who have mastered other specialties and who are enrolled under an officer's contract, it is 5 years ", specifies the document.

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At the same time, in accordance with the modifications, the soldier is not excluded from the SBU personnel lists and the contract does not end (does not end) if he is under treatment; capture or hostage, as well as internment in a neutral state; unknown absence – until recognized as missing in the established manner or declared dead; the occurrence of other cases provided for by law.

A deceased (deceased) soldier is excluded from the lists of security services personnel from the day after death (death), a soldier recognized as missing under the conditions provided by law or declared dead – from the day of entry into force force of the court decision.

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