Zelensky may have a serious enemy: media spoke of the consequences for the president after the country’s laws were passed



Sooner or later, President Vladimir Zelensky had to make his choice – in favor of the IMF or the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. As we can see, yesterday’s parliamentary vote for the “banking” law showed what the head of state was inclined to do – he chose cooperation with the IMF. Now the question is not whether the oligarch Kolomoisky will become a serious enemy of President Zelensky.

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This publication reports “Ukrainian truth“, Reports MFN.

As you know, yesterday, March 30, elected officials voted for the so-called “anti-Colomian” law, which would prevent banks from finding their former owners. On the eve of the vote, he arrived in Parliament, and Mr. Zelensky himself appealed to parliamentarians to ask him to support the necessary bill for the country. The parliamentarians have voted again, but there is still a vote for the second reading of the document. EU journalists note that very soon it will become clear how strong the conflict between President Zelensky and the oligarch Kolomoisky will be.

In addition, journalists note that President Zelensky was in dire straits. And he was forced to oppose Kolomoisky because of the impending economic crisis and the situation of coronaviruses in the country. More than ever, Ukraine needs a new tranche from the IMF.

So far, the choice has been made in favor of the IMF. It is only after making important decisions for the country that President Zelensky can find himself a serious enemy in the person of Igor Kolomoisky.

We had previously reported that France and Germany had issued a joint statement on the Donbass.

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