Zelensky – on the problems of doctors: I see, I hear and I try to solve everything quickly



Zelensky - on the problems of doctors: I see, I hear and I try to solve everything quickly

Speech by President Vladimir Zelensky on the supply of medical equipment with protective equipment in Ukraine.

Health to you, dear Ukrainians!

In today’s call, I want to respond to the Ukrainian doctors who are turning to me on social media.

First of all, I mean: I see everything, I hear, I try to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Now, on the concrete steps that are being taken with the head of the health department and the chief medical officer of health.

The first. The call of doctors from the city of Monastyrisk in the Ternopil region. Negotiations have taken place with the Ministry of Health. The medical staff are fully staffed and continue to work, for which they are very grateful.

To date, the hospital has four ventilation devices. The local government will buy more, the corresponding tender is placed on ProZorro.

Workers receive coveralls and respirators for the next few days, work continues to provide them with everything they need.

Zelensky - on the problems of doctors: I see, I hear and I try to solve everything quickly

The issue of adequate provision of other hospitals in the region, in particular the Kozovsky district, is being addressed. To this end, Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko visited the Ternopil region today. Furthermore, I note that subsequent shipments from China will be mainly sent to the regions of Ternopil and Chernivtsi, where the situation is most difficult.

Then. Doctors in the city of Dubno have drawn attention to the fact that emergency doctors are not provided with personal protective equipment. From Kiev, we sent 1,000 protective suits and 6,000 masks specifically for medical workers. But the DOS of the Rivne region, distributing funds to medical institutions in the region, unfortunately was wrong and did not provide emergency medical care.

Yesterday the problem was partially solved – protective suits were put on and now emergency doctors are receiving masks.

I have set myself the task of exercising strict control over the distribution of medical supplies and equipment in the regions.

Employees of the security services of Ukraine will participate in the control. Everything we receive is donated in the region. We will not let anyone detain, distribute to relatives or friends or, worse still, resell medical supplies.

In addition, SBU employees should help solve another problem. Unfortunately, not all heads of medical facilities provide reliable information on guarantees and make the situation better. This leads to the fact that Kiev only sees figures from the regions, and the real situation there is worse.

The solution to this problem lies in the personal control of the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ukraine.

The same goes for doctors at the Odessa Regional Medical Center. The regional state administration and the health department participated in solving their problems. Previously, this medical institution was not defined as a hospital base for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. By expanding the list, it was decided to add this institution. But now, on its basis, suspected COVID-19 patients and the treatment of patients are not received.

We understand all the problems. Respirators and protective suits have already been delivered and medical staff will be reinforced. Yesterday, at the hospital, there was a group of epidemiologists who provided detailed and necessary training, in particular with regard to the reprofiling of other services of the institution.

Also yesterday, the new minister presented a unified protocol for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

In addition, emergency workers in Zaporozhye rightly complained that they were not on the list of medical workers who would receive a cash bonus to fight the coronavirus. It’s corrected. The Ministry of Health issued an order yesterday.

I also want to say that our doctors regularly contact doctors in Wuhan.

They are constantly receiving important information and best practices from their Chinese counterparts to fight coronaviruses.

And tomorrow, as part of bilateral assistance, a Ukrainian medical group will leave for Italy. They will help Italian doctors to fight a pandemic during this difficult time for them. In two weeks, our group will return to Ukraine with very valuable experience and knowledge. It is a response to the coronavirus during peak periods, to the rapid deployment of new observation sites and mobile hospitals.

Zelensky - on the problems of doctors: I see, I hear and I try to solve everything quickly

In summary, it must be recognized that today, unfortunately, we have reaped the benefits of bullying on the Ukrainian medical system in all previous years. And so, we work every day and 24 hours a day so that our doctors have all the necessary tools and equipment. We will certainly overcome everything. First of all, thanks to you, our doctors. Thank you for your courage and endurance.

And for all this, I say to you again: “Thank you!”

Be in good health, dear Ukrainians! I wish you 36.6!

Let’s take care of us. Save Ukraine!

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