Zelensky partners with Poroshenko – Lesev issued an emergency declaration on a new vector of Ukrainian politics



The presenter Igor Lesev on the program “Bad evening” said that Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko decided to unite for a common goal. This is to support the mayor of Kiev Klitschko.

Poroshenko and Zelensky
Poroshenko and Zelensky. Photo –

This has been reported Politeka, reports “MFN”.

“I want to draw your attention to the fact that there was no landing of the ex-president. Progress in his arrest isn’t really moving either, although the current government seems to be doing something. In this context, it becomes clear that Poroshenko’s interrogation readers are a kind of lightning rod for the Ze team, ”said Lesev at the start.

After that, the presenter reported that two sources had passed since Zelensky’s inauguration, and so far, there have been no high-profile landings.

“It is quite possible that Zelensky has teamed up with Poroshenko. The former simply imitate that they intend to plant the latter. Poroshenko, in turn, in the political arena creates the image of a victim of political repression. In the meantime, these people are simply collaborating in all directions. You just look at how the interaction takes place in Kiev on both sides. It becomes obvious that the capital of Ukraine is merging under Klitschko, “he said at the end.

Remember, I tensed – Birch warned Ukraine of the threat of “hellish harassment” from Zelensky.



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