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True, the head of state himself is not yet fully convinced that the heinous Mikheil Saakashvili should be part of his team.

Zelensky and Saakashvili
Zelensky and Saakashvili. Stock Photo –

About it writes “MFN” referring to the Telegram channel “Legitimate“.

It has been said here that President Zelensky was persuaded to “attach” Saakashvili to the Ukrainian government. And since Miho did not get the support of the “Servant of the People”, the vote for his appointment is likely to fail. Therefore, in the OP, other options are considered:

“Now in Bankova there will be negotiations on Saakashvili. Him or put into play Deputy Prime Minister for reform (for this vote in Parliament will not be necessary) or will make the presidential adviser.

Most MPs do not want to vote for him, and Zelensky is not completely ready to take responsibility for Saakashvili. So take responsibility for Shmigaly … Although he is afraid of her. The Prime Minister fears that Saakashvili will “eat” him informally. “

Recall that we had previously reported that a hundred “servants” were ready to support the appointment of Saakashvili.

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