Zelensky presented the order of the golden star to the widow of the Khmelnitsky commando



Zelensky presented the order of the golden star to the widow of the Khmelnitsky commando

06.06.2020 11:47


During a work trip to the Khmelnitsky region, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met the family of the deceased deputy commander of the 8th separate special forces regiment of the Armed Forces, hero of Ukraine, the foreman Roman Matvyts.

This is reported by the president’s office.

“During a communication with the family, the president announced a decree on the attribution of the title of hero of Ukraine to Roman Matviyets and handed over the order of the golden star to the wife of the deceased “, indicates the message.

Since May 2014, Roman Matviyets has been directly involved in the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, repeatedly carrying out important, complex and dangerous missions behind enemy lines. He died on July 23, 2016 in a military confrontation near Novozvanovka, on a reconnaissance mission.

The intelligence group, led by Matviyets, was ambushed and fired by the enemy. Three scouts were injured. During the battle, the Matviyets, covering their wounded comrades with fire, rushed in the direction of the enemy’s machine gun crew and destroyed it. Through his actions, he gave injured scouts the opportunity to move to a safe place. So foreman Matviyets saved the lives of his brothers, but at the same time he was fatally injured.

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“Roman gave the most precious thing – his life – for our independence with you. And we will never forget this feat, ”said Zelensky.

The head of state also gave Roman Matviyts’ son a tablet the boy dreamed of.

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