Zelensky rewarded by doctors during professional holidays



Zelensky rewarded by doctors during professional holidays

Zelensky rewarded by doctors during professional holidays

06/21.2020 4:00 p.m.


President Vladimir Zelensky awarded 122 medical workers during their professional vacation.

The relevant decree No. 241/2020, dated June 19, is published on the Presidency website.

“For an important personal contribution to the development of the domestic health system, the provision of qualified medical care, the saving of lives, conscientious work and high professionalism, I decide: to award the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Sage diploma IV Ryzhenko Sergey Anatolyevich – chief doctor of the municipal enterprise “I. Regional clinical hospital of Dnipropetrovsk named after II Mechnikov” Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council “, – says the text of the decree.

The Order of Merit of III was awarded to Valentin Bagnyuk, Alexander Bursak, Ivan Gaida (posthumous), Pavel Ganinets, the volunteer from the capital Denis Gerasimovich, Leonid Gumen, Vitaly Didyk, Sergey Dubrov, Severyan Kardava, Ivan Klyuzko, Petr Kmita, Fedor Novikov, Sirchenko, Alexander Tolstanov, Vitaliy Shevtsov.

Zelensky also awarded the Order of Courage III Stanislav Sidorenko and Svyatoslav Sokolik. In addition, the Order of Princess Olga of the second degree was awarded to Natalia Avramenko.

“To award the Order of Princess Olga of the 3rd degree: Golubovskaya Olga Anatolyevna – Head of the Department of the National University of Medicine named Bogomolets, Kiev; Kobirnichenko Yulia Andreevna – head of the laboratory diagnostic clinic of the National Military Medical Clinic “Main Military Clinical Hospital” of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, colonel of the medical service; Kramarenko Victoria Viktorovna – nurse of the first voluntary mobile hospital named after Nikolai Pirogov, Kiev; Maslova Lyudmila Valentinovna – director of the municipal non-profit enterprise “Donetsk Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control”, the document said.

The Order of Daniil Galitsky was awarded to Ruslan Panasyuk and Grigory Prokhorenko.

The medal “For the Ukrainian service of Ukraine” was awarded to the medical personnel Yaroslav Magas, Elizaveta Mozgovaya, Alexander Khomyak, Elena Shelkaitis.

Zelensky awarded the medal for a saved life with Irina Lagoda, Tatyana Sushko, Stanislav Sherbin.

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Vyacheslav Bushuev, Andrei Vlasyuk, Elena Ivaskevich, Andrei Miroshnichenko, Andrei Oliper, Tatyana Ocheretko, Yulia Pyatnitskaya, Tatyana Reshetnik, Yuri Sak, Irina Trofimenko, Sofia Chernysh, Chekhira Victoria ”received the“ For Pracie i Zity ”medal.

Zelensky also awarded a number of honorary titles – Honored Donor from Ukraine, Honorary Doctor, Honored Health Worker from Ukraine to a number of people.

It was reported that, in his congratulations on the Day of the Medical Worker, President Vladimir Zelensky said that he had signed a decree on the granting of 122 doctors. These people, he said, are only a small part of a large family of thousands of professional and dedicated Ukrainian doctors. Zelensky noted that he was offended that he could not grant them personally due to the quarantine.

Today in Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Medical Worker. This professional holiday is instituted according to the President’s decree of June 3, 1994 and is celebrated every year on the third Sunday in June.

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