Zelensky spoke out against Sharia law: details of the start of the public confrontation



Well-known Ukrainian blogger and politician Anatoly Shary said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was openly opposed to it. The president’s office has ordered a new suspicion against sharia law.

Anatoly Shariy
Anatoly Shariy. Photo –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference on Telegram Anatoly Sharia.

Shariy said the new trial against him concerned the events of 2011. Investigators believe Shariy spoke to law enforcement officials with a false statement about the shooting of his car. Initially, the case was opened under Yanukovych, but now the President’s Office has decided to reinstate it and punish sharia law.

Shariy says it is political pressure and there is no point in trying to punish him for a case in which there are no witnesses and no victims, except Sharii himself -even.

“In the context of all the killers walking the streets, in the context of all the garbage that the current government is doing, it will be like a letter on the wall. I accept such a game, a game without rules. And we will be ready to play with all our might, and if the authorities are ready to play without rules, we will check, “wrote Shariy.

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