Zelensky supported Smolly’s resignation: how Hryvnia reacts


According to the NBU, the head of the National Bank filed a relic due to political pressure.

Zelensky supported Smolley’s resignation. Photo: Economics

President Vladimir Zelensky registered a draft in Verkhovna Rada Ordinance number 3772 On the dismissal of the head of the National Bank, Jacob Smolley.

“According to Article 18 of the first part of Article 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decides to dismiss Smoly Yakov Vasilyevich from the post of president of the National Bank of Ukraine,” the draft says.

The document is currently under consideration by the committee concerned. This is the last stage of its passage.

Recall, on 1 July, Yakov Smoly, head of the National Bank of Ukraine, wrote and submitted a letter of resignation of his own free will to the President. The reason is political pressure on the National Bank, the regulator said in an official statement.

Before may smiley Having said Regarding the intention to remain in this condition until the completion of the rhythm in 2025.

Due to these developments, Ukraine canceled the issue of $ 1.75 billion Eurobonds maturing in 2033. ICU financial analyst Mikhail Demkiev released a statement by the Ministry of Finance.

Thursday, July 2, National Bank of Ukraine The set The official rate of hryvnia against the US dollar at the level of 26.77 UAH / dollar – the national currency of Ukraine weakened by 10 kopecks against the dollar compared to the previous figure. According to data from the NBU website, the official hryvnia exchange rate against the euro was set at 30.00 UAH / euro on Thursday – the euro went up by 13 kopecks compared to the previous figure.

100 USD – 2677.00 (1 July – 2666.76)
100 EUR – 2999.71 (1 July – 2986.77)

Smolley also reacted to the news about the resignation of the International Monetary Fund, which recently approved a $ 5 million cooperation program with the US representative. DeclaredSmolley led Ukraine to “take significant steps to achieve price stability, clearly demonstrating that an independent central bank is a key element of modern macroeconomic policy.”

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We had previously written that in 2019, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) took three actions against National Bank chief Yakov Smoly regarding the incredible declaration of income.

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