Zelensky: Two weeks later, group of doctors will return from Italy with valuable experience



Zelensky: Two weeks later, group of doctors will return from Italy with valuable experience

President Vladimir Zelensky has said that the Ukrainian medical group will travel to Italy as part of bilateral assistance in the fight against the pandemic.

Zelensky said so in an April 3 Telegram appeal.

“It must be recognized that today, unfortunately, we reap the benefits of the intimidation of the Ukrainian medical system in all previous years. Therefore, we work every day and 24 hours a day so that our doctors have everything the necessary tools and equipment, “said Zelensky.

He also noted that our doctors regularly contact doctors in Wuhan and are constantly receiving important information and best practices from their Chinese colleagues to fight the coronavirus.

“And tomorrow, as part of bilateral assistance, a Ukrainian medical group will leave for Italy. They will help Italian doctors in the fight against a pandemic during this difficult time for them. In two weeks, our group will return to Ukraine with invaluable experience and knowledge. It is a response to the coronavirus during the peak period, the rapid deployment of new observation sites and mobile hospitals, “added Zelensky.

In addition, the President noted that “we will win everything” and first of all thanks to our doctors: “Thank you for your courage and your endurance. And for all this, I say to you again “Thank you! “

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Zelensky also wanted Ukrainians to be healthy: “I wish you 36.6! We will take care of ourselves. Save Ukraine!”

As reported, at 10:00 a.m. on April 3 in Ukraine, 942 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 23 were fatal, 19 patients recovered. During the day, 138 new cases were recorded.

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