Zelensky vowed to face miners’ pay debts



Zelensky vowed to face miners' pay debts

Zelensky vowed to face miners’ pay debts


06/24.2020 15:59


President Vladimir Zelensky visited the miners who gathered under the president’s desk and promised to deal with Centrenergo why the miners were not paid.

The corresponding video was published on Facebook by Yury Kamelchuk, the people’s deputy of the People’s Serving faction.

“Give me a few days, please. I’ll take care of Centrenergo now why they don’t pay money. Go home to your families. I’ll understand it,” said Zelensky.

Kamelchuk thanked the President for his attention to the miners at the Nadiya mine.

“Our demands have been heard. We hope for a quick solution to the problem of Centerenergo’s debt to all the companies in the coal industry,” Kamelchuk wrote.

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As indicated, on the eve of and. about. Energy Minister Olga Buslavets met with a workers’ initiative group at the Nadiya mine.

The miners turned to the ministry because of the back wages of workers at the Nadiya mine. The Department of Energy has taken control of the situation at the mine.

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